EWAAC 2017 London

   Video (Short Film / Animation)

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Work ID:  VID17-6044 
Name: Hitoshi Yamaka
Title: A Present Sea
Category : Short Film 
Media:  Video  
Video: Click left
This video is taken at Shinjuku city in Tokyo. 
This place is Shinjuku station underground pathway at 8:30am. 
It is the time the businessman commutes
Work ID:  VID17-6046
Name: Asami Tani
Title: Feel 
Category: Video / Short film

Feel dance
Work ID:  VID17-6048
Name: Hakim Ismail
Title: Funny Foreign Names
Category: Video / animation

London is one of the most diverse cities in the whole world with races from all over the world populating and embracing a cultural  coexistence within its vibrant cityscape. But how much do these cultures actually know and interact with one another? Do they even know how to pronounce each other's names? 
Work ID:  VID17-6050 
Name: Naoya Hirata
Title: Pendulum
Category : Short Film
Media: Video

Work ID:  VID17-6052
Name: Naoya Hirata
Title: Mill
Category : Short Film
Media: Video

Work ID:  VID17-6054 
Name: Naomi Muranishi
Title: Salut d'amour
Category : Short Film
Media: Video  

Sand art animation, describing instinct of love and life. 

Work ID: VID- VID17-6056
Name: Rui Fan Wang
Category: Short Film 
Media: Animation

"Once, there was a circle who wanted to be a square so she dated a triangle..."
My first-year film at the Royal College of Art 
Paper and shadow replacement stop-motion film, done in the basement of the South Kensington campus.
Directed and animated by me
Sound mix by Payam Hosseinian and Mike Wyeld
Voiced by: Inca Pillai
Work ID:  VID17-6059 
Name: Arisa Ito
Title: Do you remember
Category : Short Film 
Media:  Video  
Video: Click left
Work ID:  VID17-6062
Name: Shuhei Murata
Title: Listenerize
Category : Video / animation 
Media:  Video

This video makes you know how very-experienced listeners listen to music. 
Good music always got grooves and you can easily get it even if you don't listen to music much often. Though nobody denies that that's a way to enjoy music, experienced music-lovers can decompose the groove while listening to music and enjoy every parts separately. 
Using 10 faces to describe 10 instrument used in this music and using 12 facial expressions for each to describe every single scales for each instrument. 
Through trying to decompose this music by using the faces I create visual groove by accident so please enjoy it.
Work ID:  VID17-6065
Name: Maciej Jedrzejewski
Title: Ying & Yang
Category : Video /Animation  
Media:  Video

Meditation Film
Work ID:  VID17-6067
Name: Jorge Martin and Yukari Sakata
Title: Dear Gullivers
Category : Video /Short Film 

Trailor of 35 minutes video 'Dear Gullivers'.
Work ID:  VID17-6068
Name: Ryoma Masumoto 
Category : Animation
Media: Video 
I expressed continuous repeatability. 
3 The screen repeats reverse play, forward play, reverse play, respectively. 
It is the past, the present, the future as well. 
But I think it can be an eternal iteration.
this is a short film that is funny and cute.I originally got the idea of t
It is a story of a man who burns a letter addressed to him at the end of the day, writes a letter to him and posts it to himself the next day. 
It is a comedy that began to take a special action to break down boring everyday but it is taken in daily life
Work ID:  VID17-6069 
Name: Ryoma Masumoto
Category : Animation  
Media:  Video 

Work ID: VID17-6072
Name: Yuki Nishimura
Title: Uploader
Category : Animation  
Media:  Video 

Would you like to seem nice from others? 
Would you like to seem always enriched? 
Those desire is granted by SNS. 
The desire everyone had primarily was growing with the spread of SNS. 
This video is expressing our funniness and humor disclosed by SNS. 
Funniness and the humor are a social mirror. 
I show what has happened by society now. 

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