About our new Profile Page

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    Can I use previous Profile Page as well ?


    No, we are sorry because the hosting server has been replaced so the previous programme may not work properly so please change to new Profile Page as soon as you can. The new Profile Page will be much better and easier to use.
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    What are difference between previous and new Profile Page?


    Previous one can be produced by yourself but the new one will be produced by our design team professionally. Some of previous Profile Pages were made by artists OK but many artists did not produced or even made the results were not nice so we thought it will be better to produce by our design team professionally for the first year. Then the member might be able to edit from 2nd year.
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    How to produce my Profile Page ?


    Just upload required information via www.wetransfer.com when all your information is ready. You can download all forms from our site and just fill out. You can upload images at the same time but no need to edit as our design team will do it for you. Normally your Profile Page will be ready within two weeks (subject to booking status) after received all required information.
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    What are the new features of new Profile Page ?


    1) You can show up to six language versions for options on the same site (Previous one can show up to two language versions on the same site). 2) You can show up to 60 works in 5 separate galleries for options ( Previous one can show up to 25 works in one gallery). 3) You can link to your own web-site for option and if so you can link to your event (exhibition) news page directly from the special link button
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    Which options are included in the membership and which options are payable ?


    1) One language versions ( we recommend English ) is included and 5 other languages can be added for option ( £25 for each extra language). 2) Gallery 1, 2, (can show up to 12 works each) are included. From Gallery 3, 4, 5 can be added for option ( £20 for each extra Gallery). However, once you added languages or galleries, you will not need to pay extra again when renew. 3) Link to your own web-site require £25 and if you select this option we will link to your exhibition news page of your web-site directly.
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    How long will it take to complete my Profile Page and can I edit, add or delete after that?


    1) Normally our design team will complete within two weeks after received all required information subject to other members' booking status. Design team will start to produce 'First come First served' basis so if busy time please allow them more time. 2) For editing, add, delete etc.....For small change we can do it within 5 days free but for large change we will require extra fee and time.
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    I have my own web-site so I do not need Profile Page?


    Fine but we can only link to our Profile Pages from entry works for our events. If we link to your web-site, there are 100's different styles and some use java, flash etc and it will be difficult to navigate for our judges and they cannot afford to spend their precious time for that. Our Profile Page was approved by our judges and the important thing is the whole is visible in a glance and they can see all works with a same format to be fair.
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    Can I produce it and edit by myself ?


    Yes, we are making programme which will enable you to edit by yourself but probably from 2nd year. For the first time, it will be better to produce good one professionally by our design team for you.

* For any other questions please contact: [email protected]

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