Risako Morota

  • Digital Art Drawing
  • Pen tablet works

Artist Statement
I liked drawing from my young age.

When I was a junior high school student, I found a certain site on the Internet and posted my work to them which was my first involvement with digital drawing. The site offered people to post their drawings and colored drawings.

At the beginning I put colors on the drawings which I enjoyed very much and then I started posting drawings (line) as well. Originally I used only a mouse, but I started to learn to use a pen tablet and then I use pen tablet to make drawings and use mouse to put colors.

Specially I enjoyed putting gradation colour on each hair. My family said it will be unthinkable huge work but I enjoyed it and could not stop carrying on. After 10 months since first  posted to the site, I completed a big work which you can see in my gallery titled ' a girl with three braided hair'. I was just 14 years old then.

At the age of fifteen, I was invited to register my works from the online site called "Hinerizum" and one of my works registered was selected by Internet voting and exhibited at the gallery. The selected work is a drawing of a girl holding a rabbit . Her hair is not seven colors but I stick to the gradation of colors.

I am good at using the gradation of seven colors and I cannot help my hand moving unconsciously to do that. Currently I draw all my works with Pentab.