Akane Yamamoto

  • Glass arts
  • Specialize Japanese traditional  Kirikane technology

Artist Statement

Kirikane, a traditional Japanese technique for decoration – cutting a gold leaf in thin strips and gilding them as patterns, is enclosed in cast glass and then the glass gets cut and polished for the finishing touch. With the fusion of the traditional Japanese technique and glass casting, the works create a feeling of Japanese-esque stories in them.

The entry ‘Asagao’ is the name of a female character in The Tale of Genji, a classic work of Japanese literature. ‘Asagao’ (meaning ‘Morning Glory’) sounds like a supple woman with a name of the delicate flower but she is actually described as more stalwart and dignified in the story. Thus, the work is the image of a morning glory that stands up straight. By cutting the glass in an oval column, with the optical effect the patterns of Kirikane inside the glass look fluttering from the side as if the petals of a morning glory are fluttering.