Your new Profile Page 

EWAL will  provide our members with the new Profile Page for one year free with one language (we recommend English) version and 1 gallerie (up to 12 works mainly for selling at EWASR purpose) will be included (except translation of Artist statement). You can add more languages (total up to 6 languages) and galleries (total up to 5 galleries = total 60 works) for options for small extra fees. However, once you added you will not need to pay extra fee again when renew in the future.
Our Profile Page was designed for our judges, selectors, potential art buyers in order for them to see all information at a grance and evaluate on the same basis as other works fairly.  There are many nice websites produced by individual but many were made rather complicatedly and generally slow. The problem is that many of our judges, selectors cannot afford to spend their precious time to navigate many different websites. For that reasons we cannot link to each artist's own website from their entry works and we only link to their Profile Page.

We will not publish all our members' Profile Pages at our web-site for many reasons
but we will link to registered works of our art sale and rental site as well as entry
works of our other exhibitions and events.

Please see some of samples of our members' Profile Pages

Samples of profile Pages of our artists

Click here to see more
Profile Page samples

Forms to download

Please send application form by email to book your place. before upload all other files. We will produce First come First served basis.
Normally, our design team will complete Profile Page within 2 weeks but when busy period or if a member did not send proper
information it will take longer. 

Application Form

For new production or editing request.
​Please snd this form together

For English / Japanese / Other Languages

Form 101... Artist Statement

For English / French / Spanish

Form 103 ...Exhibition history

For Japanese / Korean / Chinese

Form 105 ...Exhibition history

Name / Social media link

Form 107... Name / Social media link
Form 110... Work details for Gallery page

Fill out the form and attach images.

* Download required forms from above and fill out and upload to together with images.

and must address to :  [email protected]