Mayu Shiomi

  • Sculpture
  • Installation

Artist Statement

Mayu Shiomi was born in Tokyo in 1982, and lives and works in Tokyo. She mainly creates sculptures, while she also shows her talent in various kinds of expression such as in illustrations, paintings and drawings.

She works on different materials like aluminum foil, second hand jeans, paper box and bottles and add new values to them. The motif is an existing work with an existing charter. Our surrounding can be understood as our second nature and routine.
Yet, the central motivation to great is the existence of human beings and the representation of world in a humorous way.
Such kinds of creations oppose our preconception as trials to explore the potential of existence.

Additionally, there are some artworks that visitors can bring parts of them home and own them.
The concept is all about the communication and interaction between the artworks and their viewers. By taking away parts of the work, viewers embed the artwork into their daily lives and thus to establish a new relationship with the works.
Besides, it is also to reason the confrontation with the world by empowering the existence of the work thought to be temporary and short.