Taka & Megu

  • Calligraphy + Colouring
  • ​Digital Art

Artist Statement

Taka & Megu is the artist working as a couple.

Megu (wife) uses lines and space in a piece of paper and apply her calligraphy, illustrations etc. and finish the initial work. Then Taka (husband) put colour on it by using his CG technique..

Generally people think the calligraphy is in black and white but we applied colours and created new kind of art.

We will not just write a charactor but we try to understand the meaning of kanji beforehand and Inflate the image and write it,  Colours is also applied according to the image of meaning of that kanji.

When applying colors, we will adjust our breathing to one work production carefully with conscious of the performace of the brush and pen, writing order, the strength of the line etc. 

Prior to making a work, we are talking about what kind of work we will finish with, and then start to create the work.