Satomi Terao

  • Painting
  • ​Contemporary Art

Artist Statement

She has been influenced by the worldview of Micheal Ende and Tove Marika Jansson which made her grew up with a lot of books.

She enjoyed her childhood by adding original arts to her books with simple design.She started working with her art to visualize her dream which she dreamed at her favorite park in those days.She started working with her art to visualize her dream to become an artist since her childhood.

After learning preparatory drawing and oil painting in Aoyama Gakuin she got into techniques of expression widely like sculpture and print in Toyo art institute. She has been working with a pure emotion since her childhood.

Her carriers has started from 2005 and held a lot of solo exhibitions and participated group exhibitions.In 2013 she joined artist-in-residence and the group exhibition at London UK, then she had moved her base to Vancouver Canada.

In 2015 she won a prize in art award at London, participated group exhibitions in Sidney, London and New York and provide sculptures to restaurants at Canada. After holding the joint exhibition in Portland OR, she is based in Tokyo Japan.