EWAAC 2016 Winners

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Best Category Prize
Name: Lucy and Layla Swinhoe 
Title: Images and Illusions
Category : Short Film 
Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor.
Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all.

2nd Place Prize
Name: Kathy Rose
Title: The Unpainted Woman
Category : Animation  
We wake up in this star as the other half was covered in the dark.
There are countless stories we have like countless stars shine.
Tears behind smiles. Argument with love.  A new life is born and another life passes away.
Head and tail, we link each other with something which is not visible to the eye in our daily life. This is the art film to express ‘Unity’ and ‘Samsara’
3rd Place Prize
Name: Kento Shimizu
Title: Two sides of the same coin 
Category : Short Film​

Encouragement Prize 
Name: Ink Agop
Title: There and Here 2
Category: Short Film      
This video work was filmed at North of Chiang Mai / Thailand 2015.
It is in this uninhibited and unfettered state that Agop records herself, watched from above in an intimate yet omniscient perspective, a work that required her to journey far into the jungle in Thailand to record. It is the result of an introspective journey that led her through the remotest villages in the region, with a revisited look at video and installations created both in Thailand and her home in Berlin.

The body paint and headdress that adorn Agop during this process are representative of a universal urge that Agop recognizes for us to connect with our more primitive state. It is the result of her intense study of shamanism and personal encounters with distinct aboriginal groups in remote villages. Still, it is neither an appropriation, or a purely symbolic representation. Instead, it can be seen as a synthesis of these accumulated experiences and wisdom that Agop has personalized and reinterpreted.

A hallmark of Agop’s highly personal and instantly recognizable artistic approach is the implementation of an insightful range of techniques from references to early cinematic presentations of the Zoetrope to the latest drone technology that housed the camera used to record herself in “there and here 2”. Agop embraces new technologies, but rather than relying on technique itself, she fuses and blends them with organic materials. With these unusual combinations of the natural world and new media Agop offers an an alternative, and possibly even an antidote to our high-tech world.
Sometimes, fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction, even two parallel lines could possibly meet one day.
You only stopped for a moment, and when you turn around, it's gone...
I met a girl a year ago. We dated for 3 months and I filmed our private moments together.
One day I woke up and she was gone, leaving a goodbye note on my fridge. 
I called her and asked to send me a recording of the letter narrated with her voice so I could make a small film with our small moments. 
What you see is our real story.
Encouragement Prize 
Name: David Tembleque
Title: Dear Tom
Category: Short Film 

this is a short film that is funny and cute.I originally got the idea of this film from the TSUNAMI in 2011.
Encouragement Prize
Name: Arisa Nakane
Title:  All Things will be carried in water
Category : Animation  

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