Video Art Members' Benefits (Premium or EWAB member)

1) You can select either Premium membership (£45 per year) or EWAB membership
(£55 per yer) but Premium membership can only be applied by artist who passed the 1st selection of EWAAC in the past.

2) You can enter EWAAC (Competition) up to 3 works free.

3) You can apply for new videos category of our World Tour. We will show total 15 short films and animations in each country shown above and 11 will be selected from past winners but we will select and  include 4 new videos from our members so you can submit your new videos two months before the filming day of each country. Entry is free but there is a selection by our judges.

4) You can submit same work to other country but not allow to submit same work to EWAAC (Competition).

For any enquiries: [email protected]